Immortelle Precious Mist 50ml

Moisturize and revitalize the skin any time of the day. With organic immortelle floral water

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Immortelle Precious Mist 50ml


This fresh and light mist is enriched with immortelle floral water. Used on-the-go, it can help to moisturize and revitalize the skin instantly, for a more youthful-looking and radiant look.

Spray it over makeup to reset and help it last longer.


  1. Hold the bottle 20 cm away from the face and spray in a circular motion, with eyes closed. Let it absorb into the skin.

  2. Apply the Precious Mist to the face and neck as needed.



It’s the everlasting flower - come what may, the Immortelle’s golden colors remain just as vibrant as their first bloom. Its organic essential oil is rich in active ingredients that have exceptional anti-aging properties. L’OCCITANE has been working to harvest this Corsican beauty organically and sustainably, so we can preserve its vibrancy as it preserves your youth and beauty. Immortelle Precious


  • Floral water of organic immortelle


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