Roses et Reines en Rouge Hand Cream

A fresh hand cream that helps nourish the skin and leaves hands soft and delicately perfumed.
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Roses et Reines en Rouge Hand Cream


This soft and sensual body milk envelops the skin in the fruity, floral scent of a magnificent red rose – the symbol of true, romantic love.
The fresh, crisp notes of Rose Rouge are captured in this 30ml Hand Cream, which moisturizes with the lightest touch.

Used as often as required, it helps to:
- moisturize the skin, with no oily or sticky effect,
- perfume the skin with the fresh, floral notes of Rose Rouge.

THE FRAGRANCE: An elegant rose, infused with fresh, crisp red berries, evolves into a magnificent red rose – the symbol of true, romantic love.

THE TRUE STORY: With their dreams of pure, deep sentiments that come straight from the heart, the demoiselles of Provence long for the kind of true love that only exists in literature and poetry. Full of desire to experience such passion, they sign their love letters with the unique scent of a magnificent red rose – a beautiful rose infused with red berries, which becomes the symbol of this perfect love.

THE DESIGN: The Rose Rouge Hand Cream is held in the iconic L’OCCITANE 30ml tube.

SUGGESTION: Slip the Rose Rouge Hand Cream into your handbag so you can keep your hands soft and moisturized throughout the day.
Discover the complete Rose Rouge bodycare collection, as well as the fruity, floral Rose Rouge Eau de Toilette.


In Provence, there once were four sisters. Their father, the count of Forcalquier, gave them each a rose to tend as they waited for true love. The sisters attracted four kings, who wrote them love letters. They signed each one with the unique fragrance of different roses, a symbol of purest love. Our rose collection is inspired by this love story, with romance and femininity for every occasion. Rose

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