Almond Delicious Paste


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  • Volume
    Normal - 200 ml

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Product Actions

Ideal for

  • Scrubing away impurities
  • Nourishing and softening your skin
  • A at-home spa moment

Application area

Apply onto damp body and focus on areas that tend to be rough. Rinse.

A delicious blend of almond butter and almond oil, infused with crushed almond shells and sugar crystals, this exfoliating butter offers perfect exfoliation for the entire body

Sweet Almond Oil
Organic Shea Butter
Almond Butter
Crushed Almond Shell

Featured Ingredients

Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in omega 6 and 9, it nourishes and softens the skin. This almond oil is mostly used for its soothing and softening action on sensitive and dry skin.

Organic Shea Butter

Rich in fatty acids and unsaponifiable, Shea Butter is an ideal beauty ingredient that has been used for centuries by women in Sub-saharan Africa to nourish and protect their skin and hair. The international success of L’Occitane’s shea butter products can be shared with several thousand Burkinabé women, who are committed to developing a sustainable, fair trade shea butter supply chain.

Almond Butter

Rich in omega 6 and 9, the almond butter nourishes and softens the skin.

Crushed Almond Shell

Known for its exfoliating properties, they gently remove dead skin cells. The almonds we use are cultivated in France.
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Beautifully Smooth

Experience luxurious textures and irresistible scents for skin that is soft and beautiful.