Open from 27 June - 9 July 2019 at ION Orchard B4 Station

Come experience the naturalness and freshness of L’OCCITANE! Experience first-hand the natural and fresh ingredients that go into all our products.The Beauty Market is specially created to beautify your Instagram feed, with many beautiful experience stations in an adorable farmer’s market setting that will look amazing in all your photos. Pre-register to skip the queue!

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Market Experiences

Make your own almond milk instantly!

Using only fresh almonds from Valensole, this almond milk is no ordinary concoction. In fact, it looks like an oil that transforms into a milk… Dare we say it might even be magic?

Catch a magical scented bubble!

Freshen up after a long day at the market with a bubble or two!! These magical bubbles pop to reveal a natural scent. Where do these bubbles come from? It’s a secret!

Marvel at our distillation process!

Come see how 1,000kg of flowers are painstakingly distilled into 2 kg of golden drops containing everlasting youth!

Stop time and make it flow backwards!

Come one, come all to the mythical Immortelle Reset Fountain! Here, time moves backwards and water flows upwards. It is our unique way to stop the clock for your skin!

Smell the most exquisite fragrances!

Made from the essence of fresh flowers on the day of their harvest, these perfumes will transport you to beautiful Provence. Only the freshest hand-picked flowers are used!

Help us make shea butter!

Whipped cream, cream or butter — we have it all! Discover how the gold of Burkina Faso  is produced.Try our Shake Shake Shea game and stand a chance to win some prizes too!

Complimentary Market Workshops

Make your own bath salts using L’OCCITANE’s natural ingredients and essential oils! Available Mondays, from 12-2 pm and 6-8 pm.

Learn more about your hair and scalp type so that you can choose the best for your hair!

Blend a relaxing cuppa using L’OCCITANE’s ingredients and bring it home to enjoy! Available Tuesdays, from 12-2 pm and 6-8 pm.

Freshest treats for you!


Try all our bestsellers at the market for free! Witness why these products are always on the best-of lists of beauty magazines around the world. The hype is real!


Visit all the stations at the Beauty Market and end your day with a treat from Provence! Yes you read that right, you will get to bring the best of Provence home for FREE!

L'OCCITANE Beauty Market

Open from 27 June – 9 July 2019 at ION Orchard, B4 Station. Admission is free. Pre-register now to skip the queue!