Big Little Things Recycling Program

L’OCCITANE Cares about Mother Earth
  1. Can you tell us about your commitment?
At L’OCCITANE, we worry about the effects of plastic pollution on nature, the land and sea. We want to focus on a circular economy, where most materials used can go on to have a second life. We want to make recycling accessible to everyone.
  1. Why? Where does this commitment come from?
The brand has always been committed to recycling and keeping nature free from pollution. When it was created in 1976, L’OCCITANE launched a bottle-return system for glass bottles, so they could be brought back to a retailer. We believe that small steps such as these that can make a big difference in the long term.
  1. You have chosen to focus your recycling efforts on plastic – like all cosmetic brands. Is it just a trend?
We have had a focused effort on plastic since the birth of our brand! Since the very beginning of L’OCCITANE, our impact on the environment has always been a major concern. In fact, 2019 was the 10th anniversary of our first 100% recycled bottle and we have launched quite a few more since then. Our industry-leading Eco-refills have also been on offer in our shops for over 10 years.
L’OCCITANE Big Little Things Program

1. What does Big Little Things mean?

By doing little things in our daily lives such as recycling, we can make a big impact together.

2. How do I recycle with L’OCCITANE?

Just bring your empty, cleaned and dried, full-sized beauty products (from ANY beauty brand!) to any of the participating L’OCCITANE boutiques:
  • L’OCCITANE ION Orchard
  • L’OCCITANE Plaza Singapura
  • L’OCCITANE Vivocity
 3. Can I only recycle L’OCCITANE empties?

You may recycle beauty empties from ANY brand in our recycling program!
At L’OCCITANE, our recycling program is different other beauty brands because we accept empties from all beauty brands, not just L’OCCITANE empties. Our main aim is to reduce waste and plastic usage in the environment hence we encourage you to bring back your beauty empties to recycle with us and be rewarded for it!

4. Can I recycle other containers such as drink bottles or makeup?

We currently do not have the processes in place to recycle other types of plastic packaging, such as drinks bottles or make-up empties. These are the products that we are able to recycle currently:
Face care: All face care products excluding sheet masks
Hair care: Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and non-aerosol sprays
Body care: Body creams, hand creams and deodorant sticks
Toiletries: Shower products, scrubs, hand washes
Fragrances: EDTs, EDPs, roll-ons
Home: Candle Holders, diffuser refills
L’OCCITANE Eco-Refills: all ranges
Do note that our Beauty Advisors may choose not to accept any empties within their discretion, if the empty is deemed not possible to recycle or if the empty has not been properly cleaned and dried.
5. Do I need to empty and clean the product containers before dropping them off at the boutique?

Yes, please try to clean and dry the container (where possible, we understand some packaging are difficult to clean) and remove as much of the remaining product as possible. Do note that we may not be able to accept beauty empties that have not been cleaned and dried properly.

6. What is the reward system for this recycling program?

For every full-sized beauty empty, you will receive 1 “stamp”. After every 10 stamps, you will receive a travel-sized L’OCCITANE product! There are 7 different gifts to collect, and no limit on the number of gifts you can collect.

7. How do I track my stamps and redeem my rewards?

To reduce paper usage, we use a digital recycling card instead. An account will be created when you return your first beauty empty and you can log into your account 1 day after.
Once you have returned 10 empties, you are eligible to redeem a gift! The gift will be highlighted in green and is redeemable at any participating boutique.

8. Is there a limit to how many recycling cards I can complete?

There is no limit. Once you finish 1 cycle of the recycling card, you can start another card and start collect all 7 gifts again!

9. ​What does L'OCCITANE consider as full-sized beauty empties?
Body Care
Body Cleansers:  250ml & above
Body Scrubs: 200ml & above
Body Lotions: 200ml & above
Body Balms / Creams / Oil: 100ml & above
Deodorants: 50ml & above
EDTs or EDPs: 10ml & above
Body mists: 50ml & above
Hair Care
Shampoo & Conditioners: 250ml & above
Hair Masks: 200ml & above
Hair Oils: 100ml & above
Hair Mists: 125ml & above
Hair Tonics: 100ml & above
Hair Treatments: 75ml & above
Face Care
Face Cleansers: 100ml & above
Face Scrubs: 75ml & above
Face Toners: 200ml & above
Face Lotions: 100ml & above
Face Moisturizers: 30ml & above
Face Serum: 30ml & above
Face Masks: 65ml & above
Face Oils: 15ml & above
Other face treatments: 30ml & above
Sunscreen: 30ml & above
Face Mists / Spray: 50ml & above
Eye Care: 15ml & above
Shaving Gels: 150ml & above
Aftershaves: 75ml & above
Face / eye / lip make-up removers: 100ml & above
Lip care (in a tin only): 10g & above
Hand & Foot Care
Hand & Foot Creams: 30ml & above
Hand Washes: 300ml & above
Hand Scrubs: 75ml & above
Cuticle Oils: 7.5ml & above
Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Beauty Essential Oils: 10ml & above
Pillow Mists / Room Sprays :100ml & above
Diffuser bottles: 100ml & above
Candle jars: 140g & above
Eco-Refills: All sizes