Immortelle Divine

Your skin’s SUPERfood

Just like your body needs nutrients to be at its best, so does your skin! That's where L'OCCITANE's bestselling, award-winning Divine Youth Oil comes in. It's like SUPERFOOD for your skin.  With a non-greasy finish, this 100% natural dry oil absorbs quickly, so your skin reaps the benefits quickly too!

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SUPERcharge your current skincare!

Don’t waste your current skincare, SUPERcharge its effects! By activating your skin cells and making them healthier with our Power Boosting Duo, you will see incredibly BOOSTED results from your existing routine!

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All the nutrients your skin needs in every drop

Derived from Rose Hip and Apricots, for anti-aging and regenerative purposes

Derived from Sea Buckthorn, to repair damaged cells

Derived from Apricots and Echium seeds, to defend against environmental aggressors

Derived from Evening Primrose and Camellina Seeds, to nourish and fortify skin

Better health, better results

Once it is healthier, your skin will be ready to absorb all the benefits from your existing skincare routine, resulting in boosted effect for whatever you use!

Use less, save more

With healthier skin, you will eventually need lesser steps in your skincare routine to maintain your glow. You only need a little bit of Divine Youth Oil to start seeing results!

Add oil for less oil

Once your skin is healthy from using Divine Youth Oil, it will actually become less oily. You will also be less prone to breakouts because your healthy skin barrier is able to properly defend itself!

Less oily skin

Regular use of Divine Youth Oil regulates sebum production and makes your skin less oily over time.

Leveled-up Skincare

The exceptional antioxidant properties of our iconic Immortelle essential oil helps protect and repair your skin. And when your skin is healthier, it will be ready to fully reap the benefits of the rest of your skin care routine.

100% natural, 100% results!

Just one drop of Divine Youth Oil combines the restorative powers of 8 precious oils including our iconic Immortelle essential oil. The use of 100% natural oils makes it suitable even for sensitive skin.

Why do eye care?

If you lead a busy life, chances are you look a bit tired from lack of sleep or even have fine lines from stress. We feel you! These signs of aging often first appear around your eye area, because it has the most fragile skin. That is why special eye care is needed to keep you looking younger as a whole!

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