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Achieve stronger skin with Immortelle​

Discover the secret to stronger, firmer skin, and unleash a captivating skin radiance with our Golden Trio skin care routine. It includes our bestselling Immortelle Reset Serum, Immortelle Divine Youth Oil and Immortelle Divine Cream.

A flower that never fades​

The immortelle flower is known as the everlasting flower. Due to its high antioxidant content, it keeps its colour and fragrance for a long time. Our immortelle is grown on Corsica Island, in the south of France. They are grown under harsh conditions throughout the 4 seasons and are very resilient.

They are the main ingredient in our anti-ageing face care which allow us to capture the most strengthening and antioxidant power from the Immortelle flower so that your skin too, with regular use and with time, will grow stronger. 

3-Step Golden Trio ​

Step 1: Activate Recovery​

Step 1: Activate Recovery​

Achieve glowing, rested, and hydrated skin with Immortelle Reset Serum!

97% of Asian women agree skin looks rested in 7 days*​​

*Consumer tests on 30 women 18-62 yo, Thailand

Step 2: Boost Health​

Step 2: Boost Health​

Achieve healthier and radiant skin withImmortelle Divine Youth Oil!

Stronger glow: 90% agree immediate natural radiance*​

Strong renewal: +70% collagen production**​

Stronger skin: Unique 99% natural oil blend that repairs and strengthens skin with Vitamins A, C, E ​and Omegas 3, 6, 9​

*2021 Consumer test results on 31 women aged from 40 to 64YO, immediately after application in France​

**Ex vivo efficacy test on the ingredient; n=3​

Step 3: Firm​

Step 3: Firm​

Achieve firmer, smoother, and less visible age spots with Immortelle Divine Cream! 

+58% firmer skin*​

Age spots less visible: 8/10 Asian women agree

*​Wrinkles smoothed: 9/10 agree***​

* After 28 days, efficacy test on Skin firmness with Skinflex methodology, on 36 women 45 to 69 years old in France

** After 84 days, consumer test on 33 women from 45 to 67 years old in Singapore

*** After 28 days, consumer test on 33 women from 45 to 67 years old in Singapore

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