Immortelle Reset Serum

Daily stressors from work, relationships, or daily life can leave your skin looking dull and tired.

The Immortelle Reset Serum acts as a reset button for your skin, providing stress-defense during the day and activating your skin's stress-recovery process at night.

With one sold every minute worldwide, the Immortelle Reset Serum is loved by millions of customers. The perfect addition to any skincare routine, achieve rested, glowing, soothed skin in just 7 days

Reset Your Skin in 7 Days

Designed to address stressed skin, promoting a rested, glowing, and soothed complexion

Immortelle Reset Serum

Immortelle Reset Sets



Powered by 4 botanical extracts

Ingredients Ingredients

Upgrade Your Skin Care Routine

For healthy, soothed, glowing skin For healthy, soothed, glowing skin

For healthy, soothed, glowing skin

Revitalize your skin with our Power Duo. If your skin is experiencing irritation, roughness, dryness, dehydration, dullness, tightness, or fatigue, try the Immortelle Reset Serum to activate skin recovery. Boost the results by incorporating the Immortelle Divine Youth Oil for overall skin health and radiance!

Our Commitments

Our Immortelle ingredient is substainably sourced,100% organic, only sustainable and long-term parnerships with family-owned farms.