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Shea Butter Collection​

Shea butter is well-known to be one of the most moisturizing natural ingredients ever, which can comfort and protect dry and sensitive skin. Our Shea Butter range is made only with organic fairtrade Shea Butter, you can be assured that there are no nasty chemicals to irritate sensitive skin!​

Shea Is The Start of Never Ending Good​

Shea trees grow in the wild in eastern and western Africa. They tolerate the hot, dry conditions of the region, and need little water to survive, so they are perfectly adapted to their environment. In fact, they even play a key role in its preservation: from bees, to birds and local communities, a whole ecosystem depends on them. ​

The shea tree is known as the <<tree of life>> for a reason.​

For the Women’s Co-operatives in Ghana & Burkina Faso, when it comes to the shea trees, their every act is an act of care. They collect only the ripest shea fruit & only from the ground, so as to not harm the tree. To make certain of this, they’ll even walk much further afield if needed, making these women the guardians of Shea tree.

Shea Is The Start of Never Ending Good​ Shea Is The Start of Never Ending Good​
Shea Butter Shower Cream

Shea Butter Shower Cream

Combining an effective body cleanser with the moisturizing goodness of a 5% Shea Butter body cream, your skin will be left clean yet incredibly moisturized after every shower. The non-stripping formula also respects the PH levels of your skin, which means comforted skin that is not itchy or dry after your shower.

Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream​

Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream​

With no harmful chemicals and an ingredient list that is more than 95% natural, our bestselling Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream is made to deeply comfort and hydrate just about any skin type!​

Which Shea Butter Is For You?​

Shea Butter Hand Care​

Shea Butter Body Care​

Which Body Cleanser Is Suitable For You? ​

Shea Butter Face Care

Shea Butter Limited Edition​

Never ending good for our world​