1. How do I recycle with L’OCCITANE?​

Register your profile at the nearest participating L’OCCITANE outlet. Bring your empty beauty bottles of any beauty brand in dried & clean condition to any of the participating L’OCCITANE stores.​​

2. What are the participating stores?​


L’OCCITANE Plaza Singapura​



L'OCCITANE Raffles City​

L’OCCITANE Northpoint City​

3. Can I only recycle L’OCCITANE brand products?​

 You may recycle beauty empties from ANY brand in our recycling program! At L’OCCITANE, our recycling program is different other beauty brands because we accept empties from all beauty brands, not just L’OCCITANE empties. Our main aim is to reduce waste and plastic usage in the environment hence we encourage you to bring back your beauty empties to recycle with us and be rewarded for it!​

4. Can I recycle my travel-sized beauty empties?​

 We are happy to help you recycle your travel-sized beauty empties. However, these will not qualify for stamps.

5. Can I recycle other containers such as drink bottles or makeup?​

We currently do not have the processes in place to recycle other types of plastic packaging, such as drinks bottles or make-up empties. These are the products that we accept:​

Toiletries: Shower products, scrubs, hand washes

Face care: All face care products excluding ampoules,sheet mask,skincare capsules and cleansing pad​.

Hair care: Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and non-aerosol sprays​

Body care: Body creams, hand creams and deodorant sticks​

Fragrances: EDTs, EDPs, roll-ons​

Home: Candles, diffuser refills L’OCCITANE​

Eco-Refills: All ranges.​

We currently do not accept these beauty empties:​

Make-up products, hair styling products, toothpaste, mouth wash, feminine wash, nail polishes, nail polish removers, eye lotions, eye drops, hand sanitizers, ampoules, capsules, cleansing pads, foot scrubs, toothpaste, consumable products as well as any beauty product in an aerosol can. ​

Do note that our Beauty Advisors may choose not to accept any empties within their discretion if the empty is deemed not possible to recycle or if the empty has not been properly cleaned and dried.​
Please refer to the full list of acceptable empties and sizes under Big Little Things Program.​

6. Do I need to empty and clean the product containers before bringing it to the store?​

Yes. As a basic rule for recycling, all empties MUST be cleaned and dried to avoid contaminating other clean empties. There are no cleaning facilities or services provided in-stores. ​

Please note that we do not accept any unopened beauty empties​

7. How do I wash tube empties?​

All tube empties may be cut open to ensure proper cleaning and drying of the empty before recycling.​

8. What is the reward system for this recycling program?​

For every full-sized empty beauty product, we will reward you with 1 “stamp”. After every 10 stamps, you are eligible to receive a travel size L’OCCITANE product or membership point for members. In-store beauty advisors have the right to check eligibility of each empty to count toward 1 ‘stamp’. Kindly note that the reward system is subjected to change.​

9. How do I track my points and redeem my reward?​

After creating your Big Little Things profile and returning your first empty, you can log in the day after to track your rewards on a digital recycling card (bltsg.experienceloccitane.com/login)​
Once you have returned 10 empties and deemed eligible for gift redemption, the selected gift will be highlighted in green and you can proceed to collect the gift from any participating stores.​

10. Can I redeem the rewards at other stores if the gift is out of stock?

Yes. You are allowed to redeem the rewards at any participating outlets under the Big Little Things recycling program.​

11. When is the latest I can redeem my rewards?​

All rewards earned must be redeemed before 31 March of each year, after which all accumulated digital stamps will return to 0 count. As the Big Little Things rewards are an additional initiative aimed to encourage participants to recycle, all decisions made by L’OCCITANE Singapore is final.​

12. Apart from recycling beauty empties, what else can I do to earn stamps?​

 Choose to skip a paper bag when you shop in L'OCCITANE boutiques, excluding L’OCCITANE Takashimaya, web store, En Demande and duty-free stores. You will be awarded 1 stamp for every transaction made without paper bags!​

*Limited to one stamp per transaction. Limited to one redemption per day.​

13. How long will the Big Little Things recycling program run?​

The Big Little Things recycling program is an on-going initiative by L’OCCITANE Singapore to encourage everyone to give recyclable material a second life. Hence, it is a long-term project that runs throughout the year.​

14. Who is your recycling partner?  ​

 L’OCCITANE is proud to partner with SembWaste, the waste and recycling management arm of Sembcorp which operates the largest materials recovery facility in Singapore, for the Big Little Things program. This is to ensure that customers’ beauty empties are properly recycled and accounted for as part of L’OCCITANE’s commitment to promoting responsible and genuine recycling in Singapore.​