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How does it work?

Visit our Refill Fountain store at ION Orchard #B2-39 and Raffles City #01-43A to refill! You can choose to bring your own clean and dried L'OCCITANE bottle* or purchase an aluminum forever bottle at the store.

Our refill fountain currently has a selection of 5 shower products:
- Almond Shower Oil 
- Intensive Repair Shampoo
- Intensive Repair Conditioner 
- Shea Verbena Hand Liquid Soap 
- Verbena Shower Gel 

*Please bring the original product bottle^(clean and dried) that you wish to purchase the refill or purchase an aluminum forever bottle at the store.
^Original product bottles: 250ml/300ml/500ml, excludes Eco-refill bottles and packs

How does it work? How does it work?

Available at our Refill Fountain and in Eco-Refills​

How do I refill?

What bottles can I use at the refill fountain?

We recommend the use of the L’OCCITANE forever bottle which you can purchase from our refill fountain stores or L'OCCITANE bottle of the same product (subject to inspection of suitability by our Beauty Advisors).

What is the difference between the forever bottles and plastic bottles from your brand?

Our forever bottle is made of aluminium, which is significantly stronger and can be used in a bathroom setting for a much longer time. Aluminium bottles are also recyclable again and again, making them an eco-friendly option. Our plastic bottles are made with recycled plastic and are recommended to be refilled for only up to 3 times before recycling. This is to ensure the strength, safety and quality of the bottle as well as of the product inside. By buying a forever bottle once, you are assured of the quality of the bottle in the long run and will use much less plastic over time.

Can I bring compatible bottles from another brand or a new unused compatible bottle (e.g. from a household store?)

To ensure the safety and quality of the product you are refilling, we are unable to accept bottles from any other brand due to the small possibility of residue in the bottle. Our refill fountains' nozzles are also specially calibrated to specifically fit our forever bottles as well as original bottles (250ml/300ml/500ml)* from our brand.

Do I have to wash and dry the bottle before refilling?

To ensure the safety and quality of your product, all bottles and pumps (including Forever Bottles and pumps) must be properly cleaned and dried before refill. Simply rinse thoroughly in warm water and pump water through your pump until water is clean and product-free. Leave to air-dry completely before bringing it down to the stores. Please note that we are unable to clean and dry the empty bottles and pumps on behalf at our stores. The Beauty Advisors have the right to refuse any uncleaned bottles and pumps.