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Holiday harvest with your friends! Holiday harvest with your friends!

Grow and win!

Who says coins don’t grow on trees? Water your tree in your virtual home to earn coins. Redeem these coins for e-vouchers to spend in real life!

The more the merrier

Get as many friends to join in to maximize your fun and your rewards! You will get to send each other e-vouchers, play games together and visit each others’ digital home — no visitor limits here!

Harvest more rewards!

There are new real-life rewards to redeem with your in-game coins, including free miniatures of our bestsellers and even free delivery vouchers!

Ready to tap tap?

Start of  a beautiful journey


Dress up and decorate your virtual home in virtual Provence!

Matchy - matchy


Harvest ingredients to create virtual L'OCCITANE products. Use them in game or include them in virtual gifts for your friends.

Your virtual shopping spree


Redeem your rewards, shop for L'OCCITANE trests and even get a digital consultation at the virtual L'OCCITANE boutique!


Send each other gifts


Visit the virtual boutique to send your friends e-vouchers that they can redeem in real-life.
These e-voucher gifts are only redeemable by your friend when sent to them, so you can't keep them yourself!

Terms of Service

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