Verbena Moisturizing Body Mousse

Moisturizes and delicately perfumes the skin

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Verbena Moisturizing Body Mousse


A unique, creamy mousse texture!

This moisturizing body mousse, with its light-as-air texture, delicately perfumes the skin with the sparkling, lemony scent of verbena. Essential for summer, it gently caresses the skin while enveloping it in bracing freshness.

For an intense fresh sensation, shake the aerosol, dispense a small amount of mousse into the palm of your hand and apply to the body. Then rinse your hands with clean water.

The Verbena Moisturizing Body Mousse is decorated with a limited-edition design that represents the green linear patterns of fields of verbena seen from the sky. This collection celebrates the 40th anniversary of L'OCCITANE and Provence's generous natural heritage.

Enriched with a refreshing active ingredient, this body mousse has a bracing "ice cube" effect on the skin. Its invigorating scent is enhanced by an extract of verbena from Provence. Verbena is a plant that grows abundantly and thrives in Drôme Provençale, in fields reserved for L'OCCITANE on an organically farmed estate. Two harvests – one in July, the other in October – brighten the summer season, when the plants release their aromatic scent with lemon notes. Once harvested, the verbena is carried by pickers to the traditional markets of Provence, where its scent fills the alleys between the stalls.

Emblematic of L'OCCITANE, verbena is a scent that conjures up memories of vacations in Provence. Its freshness is loved by all. The fragrance opens with zesty notes of citrus fruits, which give way to a lingering aromatic scent with hints of rose. This captivating fragrance, ideal for men and women alike, awakens the body and mind with its sparkling and invigorating notes.


  • Apply on the body and massage with circular motions.


A fresh zest that fills the air along the paths of Provence - it’s unmistakeable. Verbena has a long history of use as a curative plant. It’s often been called the plant of enchantment because its lemony freshness help revive the body and mind. Step into a magical moment with our Verbena collection, which includes fragrances, body and hair care. Verbena


  • Organic verbena extract from Provence

  • Glycerin

No BHANo BHTNo EDTANo formol or formaldehydeNo parabensNo phtalatesNo siliconeNo SLESNo synthetic colorantsNo triclosan.

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